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5' x 5': Like a standard closet. Perfect for about a dozen boxes, a desk, a chair and a bicycle.















5' x 10': Like a standard walk-in closet. Holds a dozen boxes, a desk, a chair, a mattress and a box spring.











5' x 15': Like a large walk-in closet. Holds the contents of a small studio apartment, including small furniture, boxes and bookcases.  










10' x 10': Can hold the contents of several rooms. You can fit an entire bedroom set, a couch and a kitchen table.  











10' x 15': Holds the contents of a small house or a two-bedroom apartment: two couches, two mattress sets, a coffee table, a fridge and a TV.









10' x 20': The size of a one-car garage. Can hold a fridge, washer and dryer, three mattress sets, a dining room set, bookcases, couches and boxes.











10' x 25': Can fit a couple of couches, an oversized arm chair, dining room set, fridge, washer and dryer, entertainment nook, bookcases and more.













10' x 30': Holds contents of a three-or four-bedroom house. This 300-square-foot space holds many mattress sets, dining room sets, couches and boxes.  













Whether you’re storing appliances, furniture, antiques, documents, or almost anything else, we’ve seen it done before, and we know how to help and avoid you from making any common mistakes. Call us at 717-238-5972 for any questions.

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Family-owned and operated Rent A Space has 32 years of experience and is committed to providing the highest quality customer service in the area. You’ll enjoy drive-up access to your secure and AFFORDABLE units 24 hours a day.

Security measures include security fence, surveillance cameras, and security lighting outside all self-storage units.

You can choose from different sizes of storage units: as small as 5’ X 5’ to as large as 10’ x 30' or even our Jumbo units that are ether climate non-climate controlled. If you're still unsure of the unit size needed, call 717-238-5972 to speak to our experts or stop by to take a tour of our storage units.

Personal Storage & Storage Units

Attractive pricing and many choices to store your valuables

Speak to the professionals to pick out the perfect size for you


Competitive prices and a range of storage sizes


A variety of storage sizes to make it a perfect fit every time

5 x 15 storage unit 10x20 storage unit 10x10 storage unit 10x15 storage unit 5x15 storage unit diagram 5x10 storage unit diagram 5x5 storage unit

Monthly Specials

5x5 - $35 per month,

3 months prepaid

5x10 - $40 per month,

3 months prepaid

5x15 - $59 per month, 

3 months prepaid

10x10 - $69 per month,

3 months prepaid

10x15 - $115 per month,

3 months lease agreement

10x20 - $125 per month,

3 months lease agreement

10x25 - $155 per month,

3 months lease agreement

10x30 - $165 per month,

3 months lease agreement


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